The Need To Act

For more than a year now, Syria has been at war with itself, why?

As we know, many have died and continue to perish.  And being on the same planet, how could we not hear their people’s screams of fear and anguish?  If the Syrian government sees the rebels as terrorists just trying to destabilize the government then why include the innocent?

A Syrian boy waits to be treated for injuries at a hospital in Aleppo, Syria.

To date, various actions and reactions have been done by the UN and major countries only to end up in a wait-and-see stance.  So far, even with the defections, things are not getting any better.  As for Mr. Assad, things are under control and only needs time.  A sign that bloodshed would only continue.  Nonetheless, France made a good suggestion which is for the Syrian opposition to form a provisional government to hasten the ouster of Mr. Assad.

However, say, the provisional government has been set up and the international community recognizes this, now what?  Would there be a transition then?  Would there be real peace?  Thus, I say, this proposition needs to be followed up with action more than just economic sanctions and saving the innocent, it has to be something strategic.

For international powers – at the very least, identify, locate, and disable the source of their food and ammunition.  If they have done this then carnage should have gone down to almost zero, right?  To win a war, think like a soldier.

For outsiders like us – as simple as talking about their situation a bit more could eat away the fortress bit by bit; thus, share your views and you would have helped strengthen everybody’s resolve that though it may include that of the warring side, it won’t last.

At the end of the day, no matter how long, an isolated entity would succumb specially to constant international pressure.  After all, no man is an island.

What’s your take?