Pandora’s Box

WikiLeaks Mobile Information Collection Unit.

Let’s get a refresher.  WikiLeaks is an anti-secrecy organization founded by Julian Assange.  And this… is all about the truth, rights, diplomacy, impartiality – and finding a just end to this drama.

I’m sure most of you are aware that Assange has created quite a stir with his exposé of materials potentially harmful to those concerned.  To date, he has sought asylum at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London since June 19 while trying to fight extradition to Sweden.

What are the points of contention?

  • Why wasn’t Assange closely monitored from the time he established WikiLeaks?  Didn’t they understand what his organization was up to?
  • Why don’t other countries, like Kenya, and entities exposed actively pursue Assange if he is really wrong?  Could it be a question of conscience?  Or lack of power as compared to others?
  • Is the United States really after Julian Assange?  If Assange is indeed a conspirer then all those who processed WikiLeaks’ money as well as those who held key posts are accomplices.  However, if Bradley Manning was punished for the leaks – don’t you think those who actually did the ”unrighteous” acts (specially those who ordered it) should be the first ones persecuted?

Certainly, WikiLeaks is a profitable but dangerous venture as it’s like making money out of others’ dirt.  Yet what’s more unfortunate would be the “harassment” being done by its pursuers.

Moral of the story is kindergarten stuff that many adults forget, thereby, leading to many troubles.  First, do not get anything not yours without authorized permission.  Second, be sincere, upright, and respectful in your dealings.  Lastly, do not deceive, force or manipulate any entity or country to an unfair agreement.

See, most everybody on this planet has something in their closet, though majority only has a little stain, a notable few has a ghost – that when uncovered could turn into a monster.

With this, what has to be done then?

  • Organizations, specially governments and large corporations, should set up a “Blogging” Department that would be responsible for online PR among others; and naturally, for the sifting of unfavorable, more so, unwarranted information floating in the internet and other news sources.
  • Have a good organizational culture and a feel of your people.  Be inspiring and empathic yet firm and goal-oriented but do not make enemies even outside your organization – remember, it’s a small world.
  • Classified info should be treated like Big Money, as in, it could only be released after several signatories have signed.  In the case of computer data, passwords and security checks should be required from several authorized personnel per access.
  • If Assange is entailed to face trial in Sweden for his sex case then do so.  If it necessitates him to be in the U.S. for questioning then do so.  Nevertheless, in all these, it should go by rules and laws. And in so doing, if he still fears for his well-being because of his works at WikiLeaks then have a signed agreement between him and pursuing countries and entities that if extradited or made to stand trial – no form of brutality or harassment would be done to him and that the trial should be fair and televised.

WikiLeaks is still at the center of all this.  Every entity has rights.  Now, it’s time to set things straight.

What’s your take?