Choosing the Right President

From the title alone, you guessed it right. Being the world’s most powerful country, it’s but normal that a magnifying glass be pointed towards the 2012 U.S. presidential elections. As we see, many have been said and written about the upcoming elections – from campaign trails to debates to polls to updates.

Yet while there are those who have decided on who to vote, there are also those who are still undecided. In all, things can still change until the last minute depending on how campaign maneuvers will transpire.

President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney

And so, the question remains: How do you choose the right President?

Should you just listen to what others say? Or base your decision according to polls? Should you follow their mud-slinging or should you just take note of who’s more fond of babies? What about the debates?

People have different bases for judging though the obvious reason would be based on one’s need and future. Among the 10 issues in this year’s election could be:  1. Jobs  2. Balanced Budgets  3. Immigration  4. Foreign Policy  5. Health Care  6. Role of Government  7. Marriage  8. Supreme Court  9. Energy  10. Education

Looking at it, what do you think would really matter for the “simplest” voter? Obviously, jobs, health care, marriage, and education. The rest… there are those who may not even understand the other issues, or in isolation or frustration may not even care about them. Thus, to get their nod, candidates should make a stand on those four mentioned (at least for the simplest voters or the low-wage earners) while trying to clear their views on the rest of the issues specially for the middle-class voters.

Still, choosing the right president would really depend on some acquired traits, that actually has the influence to push the above issues, such as:

  • Sincerity. This attribute particularly speaks of a candidate’s genuine concern for the people; hence, it specially applies to jobs, health care, marriage, and education.
  • Integrity. This could be evident in the consistency of one’s views. And although this facet applies to any issue just like sincerity and the rest, it’s particularly suitable for the role of the government and the Supreme court.
  • Street-smart. It’s more than just strategizing but understanding the What’s and Who’s really needed for the country to move forward; and in this case, immigration policies and energy fits the bill – again, though it’s applicable to most any situation.
  • Goal-orientedness. This quality gets the job done, thus a balanced budget would eventually be realized if the candidate has this characteristic and pushes the right buttons.
  • Character Strength. Many pressures and problems would be tackled better when one truly has this trait; and for this, it’s foreign policy as well as the economy.

In the end, when all is said and done, issues and all would not really matter much but the man who walks the talk, whose attributes only validate the action-man… is when you could really say your choice for President was the right one.

What’s your take?