Relationships that Don’t Really Matter…

… to business or government.  Or any other entity other than church or family.  And these are extra-marital affairs, office romance, and alike.  See, lately we heard of a number of relationship scandals that either forced people to quit their jobs or just lost their job altogether – among them, CIA Director David Petraeus and Lockheed Martin in-coming CEO Christopher Kubasik.

Wait a minute, even Presidents have done these before, did it “harm” the country?  So why make a big fuss over this matter?  Well, as a Leader, it’s more of ethics and of being a good example – so be one.

Still for argument’s sake, let’s set things straight and be really objective.  Such relationships are private matters, generally, between consenting adults.  Thus, it’s all about conscience which in actuality just challenges one’s religious beliefs or one’s committed relationship.  Business and government has really nothing to do with this.  We’re definitely not trying to encourage such doings but the fact is – so long as one’s actions does not violate the organization’s regulations, it’s their own business.  That simple.

Now, when would these things really be our problem, or the problem of one’s organization?

  • When one uses his organization’s facilities or resources in undertaking such practices.
  • When the organization’s confidential information is handed to unauthorized people.
  • When impartiality is unjustly or unaccordingly tilted at work, other than what’s right.
  • When the relationship is disturbing or vulgar at work.
  • When work is negatively affected.
  • When national security is compromised.

What could Leaders do?

  • Reiterate that work is work and there’s a time and place for everything.
  • Maintain a friendly yet professional working environment.
  • Help strengthen couples’ relationships by rewarding good performance with things like “dinner for two, or vacation leaves, or simply send flowers to one’s spouse on special occasions”.
  • Arrange monthly religious group gatherings to reinforce morality.
  • Organize company outings or events involving family like an annual family bowling competition.

As the Leader, you’re not in the organization to snoop into private lives, even if illicit, unless you represent a private investigation entity with a client asking for such services.  Focus.  A Leader is to help strengthen lawful partnerships and meet objectives.  Nonetheless, these simple measures, when done with sincerity, would not only help couples and families but boost employee morale and productivity as well – so do it.

What’s your take?


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