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If you take a quick glance at Sheryl Sandberg‘s profile, you’ll notice that Facebook’s COO had her eyes on a business career right off High School. Then again, is she the only one who went through such a path? Certainly not. Then, does that mean she’s better or among the better ones that went through similar paths? Well, the effect seems to say so.

Nonetheless, notwithstanding where she is now, it’s her association with Larry Summers that played a key role in her evolution as a Leader. With Summers, Sandberg particularly developed her researching abilities. Oh, which skill do you think is imperative to being a better Executive: web development, computer programming, or research skills?

See? Research, for whatever undertaking, is the skill that keeps you informed – that gives you the alternatives, the answers. Information is crucial to decision making. And research skills coupled with the ability to analyze well offsets almost any Leadership deficiency and in turn, develops it into an asset. Only decision making and people skills could outrank research. This is why research is indispensable to becoming a better Leader. But as a reminder and for your improvement, not everybody has good research skills, just as not every leader is a good Leader.

At any rate, a well-founded legacy is more than just position(s) or honors or company shares; for accolades and all are useless if you just neglect social responsibility. Meaning, what’s the use of being in the list of the “World’s Most Influential People”, or the “Most Powerful“, or one of the richest if you don’t do something for the good of mankind? It’s just circumstantial then; after all, it doesn’t take a genius to run an organization, or even a country.

This brings us to what Sandberg has been pushing for some time now – gender/workplace equality and more women Leaders.

Come March 2013, Knopf will be publishing Sandberg’s book entitled “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”; which talks about Sandberg’s personal and professional experiences as well as the latest research on workplace equality.

As she was quoted in a telephone interview, “Real equality means that women can do anything”.

Isn’t it incidental that much of our troubles are due to discrimination? Gender, age, race, religion, and more so – employment. If we could only join hands and break down these barriers, imagine how much more we could accomplish?!

What’s your take?


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