Leadership Succession

A new year, a new beginning? Not exactly. This is like when autumn turns a tree leafless and spring grows it back – would this phenomena make a new tree? Of course not. It’s simply a continuation of productivity, of life.

Just as in the case of Leadership Succession, whether in organizations or in a country… if a company replaces its CEO with someone (specially an insider) who believes in the former CEO’s programs then the new CEO is just a continuation of the previous one; or if an organization changes its CEO with someone who has similar credentials (specially in principles) then the new CEO is going to perform with just about the same results as the old CEO. Success would just largely depend on luck.

Such is the enigma of Venezuela, a South American country of pristine beauty and natural resources yet still economically “unstable” is now approaching a critical stage in its leadership reins. Hugo Chavez, its longtime president, has been courageously battling cancer since being diagnosed last June 2011. Could he still continue to lead or not? If truly deemed unfit, who could succeed him? And what makes him the right person?


FIRST. Venezuela has its own rules for succession. And a possible scenario could be an election between Chavez’ desired successor, Vice President Nicolas Maduro, and defeated opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles.

SECOND. Consider what Chavez has done so far, his current policies, and the country’s situation. Here’s an overview. Unemployment is high and many of the people are in poverty. The economy is heavily dependent on oil exports in which the proceeds, he uses for social programs like free healthcare, subsidized food and land reform. However, his nationalization efforts has scared many foreign investors that could have helped the country be less reliant on fuel.

And as his critics say, he could be using oil to have greater influence beyond borders.

Well, oil is a great leverage but how far could it carry you, your people? Industrially? Economically? Diplomatically? We could see clear solutions to help Venezuela’s economy; nevertheless, the issue again would be – who could really carry them out effectively?

Whether to have unprecedented success, or to make a turnaround – in an organization or in a country – Leadership Succession should primarily be based on elan and one’s understanding of the situation as to its direction.

What’s your take?


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