Balancing Air Canada – Part 2

Last week, we talked about Air Canada and some of the not so good issues surrounding the airline. For this article, we balance Air Canada by tackling some of the positives it has done so far.


Green Travel. Some time June of last year, Air Canada flight AC991 took off from Toronto en route to Mexico City using a 50-50 blend of regular jet fuel and that sourced from cooking oil. This flight brought about 40 percent fewer emissions and, naturally, some gains toward fuel-saving.

Now here, sustainability is key. And by basically identifying sources and turnover rates, a simple math would determine cooking oil’s long-term survival; which if proven positive would be a real industry-changer. See, more than just caring for the environment, man would have then broken from his dependence on traditional fuel; something hostile forces used many times to hold man hostage.

Low-cost Airline. With biofuel still in its early stages, Rouge inevitably came into the picture August 2012 as industry trends point to low-cost carriers to survive and thrive. For Air Canada, they had to pay the bills and keep their vision of profitability and growth.

With the surge of Dreamliners, though controversial as they are now, many airline companies have found older plane models as a viable tool to at least keep up with competition by transforming them into low-cost airlines. Eventually, the question would be: if everyone’s in this bandwagon, how would a competing carrier get ahead? Biofuel? More routes? Hiring and retention adjustments? More cost cutting measures? Well, you see them all over. How about organizational restructuring, more innovative aircraft designs, and better public relations?

Sailor Rescue. Doing something of the Samaritan type is one great way to increase your stock. In the case of Air Canada, just last October, they helped a sailor find his damaged yacht drifting in rough seas miles off the Australian coast. Unfortunate incidents do not always happen before your eyes, hence, if you could assist in any way you could… the good word spreads fast.

Then again, do not just rush off looking to help someone. What matters here is genuineness. If you show real concern starting from your people, your employees then you’d be that inspiration; and good deeds outside your fence would come in naturally – without controversy, but instead, result in a positive image for your company. Good public relations.

What’s your take?


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