Gregory Page and Feeding The World

While much of the world is engaged with controversies and technology, Gregory R. Page is taking on the responsibility of feeding the world. As Chairman and CEO of Cargill, the United States largest private company and one mainly involved in the food and agriculture industry, here’s the two most notable things he had to say…


Cargill Chairman and CEO Gregory Page

To feed almost 9 billion people, we need Africa. This is as he says include utilizing the right land, the right crops, and the right technology.

Challenge: More than just training people or achieving scale, the question would be the speed of engaging Africa versus the continued rise in global food prices.

Food production is tied to weather conditions. Well, this is like saying that we can only do so much, still we could fall short.

Challenge: With global warming and other weather disturbances, we can not simply hope on having a sunny or rainy day to plant or harvest as even many organizations think – we need to look deeper.

People. Income. Resources. Technology. These are what makes up the food mix.

People. We can not just let the population increase at break neck speed. We got to inform and educate specially the less privileged which incidentally is already being done in many countries.

Income. If only people have a steady source of good income then obviously they would be able to sustain themselves. Much more, learn to share your blessings, you don’t need to be a billionaire to do so. And if you are – walk the talk; otherwise, act more, talk less.

Resources. The conservation of natural resources is a given for sustainability. We can not abuse or neglect it and just expect it to regenerate.

Technology. We have heard of hybrids and methods to speed up and increase harvest; but have you considered developing food substitutes?


This would be the real reakthrough we are all looking for. Think about this, we could make canned goods and food supplements – why not make “food substitutes”? This is more than cereal-like munching in which you’d actually need a box to get full. This should be made safe and affordable though similar to supplements which could come in liquid or capsule form except that, not only does it carry the RDA we need but has that feeling of fullness after absorption.

This may sound absurd today but not tomorrow – specially for Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

What’s your take?


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