Is this “Horse Meat”?

Food is one of man’s basic needs. But what if this essential, particularly meat, is tampered? Would you still want meat?

Just last January, the “horse meat” scandal broke out in the U.K. and Ireland through frozen burgers. And to this date, authorities are still trying to totally cleanse the food industry of horse meat issues.

Then again, what’s the problem about “horse meat”? Three obvious reasons emerge.

One, the preservation of horses.
Horses are traditionally used to transport humans or things. You could also find them in circuses, and specially in racehorse tracks; but to be used as food, how many could do that? And are they like swines that could reproduce a little faster?

Two, possible health issues.
Just like swines who could contract foot-and-mouth disease, horses could also get infectious diseases that could harm humans or other animals.

Three, the psychological or after effect of eating any meat for that matter.
There is now this worry that you could be eating horse meat, instead of beef or some other traditional meat you’re used to consuming.

If you’re into Europe’s food industry, at the very least…

  • Up your public relations. Regularly update the public not just of the “meat testing” but of the surrounding areas’ control.
  • Thoroughly investigate the source of horse meat. Don’t just leave it to regulators. Answer the who, where, when, and how.

If you’re into meat, Europe or wherever – Raise that Consumer Experience.

  • Emphasize your brand, your track record in your niche. If you’re new, highlight your “general” source. Your brand is your shield in times of trouble just as it is a “mark of trust” on any given day.
  • Repackage your product with an evident FDA seal. A vague stamp is like no seal at all; plus repackaging your product would also help in getting new customers. Thus, consider eating habits as well in repackaging.
  • Build relationships if not strengthen ties with your customers. In a competitive world, customer loyalty is even more imperative. Satisfied customers not only gives you that guaranteed income and word-of-mouth, but would even fight for you.

Start by making your product a delightful must, a part of every meal.

What’s your take?


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