Of Wi-Fi and Free Breakfast

According to last year’s studies, free Wi-Fi tops the list of the most desired hotel amenities; the rest include free breakfast, parking, and onsite spa among others. Yes, hotels are constantly searching for ways to satisfy their guests; hence, they came up with new offerings such as happy hours and wine tasting, airport concierge, and pet services.

Then again, before even coming up with new offerings, management should thoroughly address guests’ complaints. Like, is the Wi-Fi really functioning or is it even free? What about the rooms, aren’t they “too scenty” or something? And the shower, the faucet, the aircon, are they working well?

Now this sounds like a “no good” hotel but some of these negatives actually happen even to good ones – thus management should take notice. Patch your cracks before it hurts you. Then grow from a good foundation.

Have you ever thought of enhancing even some of what you already have?

Free Wi-Fi. Some hotels, particularly the smaller ones, don’t have this amenity. We’re not in the prehistoric age – have one, and a fast, reliable connection at that. On the other hand, some classy hotels even have high charges for their Wi-Fi – well, isn’t that too much?

You want your guests happy? Make your Wi-Fi not just 24h free but omnipresent – not just in rooms but in hotel shuttles, the pool area, and in all other applicable hotel property.

Free Breakfast. Stretch this freebie to free “street food” or delicacy to be served every 9pm. Offer this in appetizer servings only at the hotel’s bar.


  • Encourages guests to engage with others resulting in a more pleasant, memorable and possibly longer stay, if not a return to your “brand”.
  • Stimulates guests to buy food and drinks while enjoying their interactions.
  • Such offer brings in that rippling marketing effect to your hotel.

What’s your take?


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