Chua Sock Koong and SingTel

In a 2012 “dialogue” with Singapore Telecommunication’s GCEO, Chua Sock Koong, what we’d notice is just like in any other industry and business – an assumed commitment to customers, a passion for innovation, and a vision for growth in its agenda, only said differently one way or another, and in tune with its line.

Still, for Sock Koong and SingTel, it’s “fail fast and fail cheap” to move forward…


Acquisition. Divestment. Partnership.

Sock Koong joined SingTel back in 1989 as its Treasurer; but it was when she became CFO in 1999 that her skills in acquisitions and partnerships were harnessed. With her understanding of the business and being in-charge of treasury and risk management, she has better grasp of the company’s position before making moves in this demanding industry.

To date, she’s played major roles in SingTel’s “expansion”…

Group Consumer. Group Digital Life. Group ICT.

As Sock Koong said, all these three units are “structured along customer segments instead of geographical lines” to sharpen customer focus and take advantage of their scale. Good. Many sales structures emphasize areas, hence, customers’ needs are many times compromised.

Then again, given that these segments are well-supported, SingTel should review these distinctions to be more cost-effective. Growth is more than your presence in strategic areas, it’s also about not overdoing things.

Complementing Existing Talents.

Incorporating a philosophy of hiring from other industries for fresh insights and to better execute the organization’s vision only proves that SingTel is truly forward-thinking. How many companies are brave enough to even try that out? Yet most of them even claims to be innovative only to be mimicking others’ products.

Innovation is understanding your customers’ needs and future while being steps ahead of the industry itself.

What’s your take?