Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady


While the world saw one of its most recognizable Leaders pass away last April 8, friends and foes flooded the media on what kind of legacy Britain’s first and only female prime minister actually left behind.

Yet, what many failed to consider is what really makes a person or a Leader is his philosophy. One’s decisions and the results out of it are simply inevitable – Edward Heath should have known this.


Margaret Thatcher was already that “Iron Lady” even before she became UK’s head of state. She was given that moniker back in 1976 by the Soviet Defense Ministry’s Krasnaya Zvezda for her toughness and leadership style.

Wait. Can you imagine if Thatcher really had an account and were active on Facebook? How many sincere likes do you think she’d even get, specially from her countrymen? Yes, because of that toughness, she was often misunderstood and disliked; which, in some cases, were understandable. Still, it never really bothered her, at least on the outside – this was what’s actually admirable about her.

See. During those times, no matter if her poll ratings were down, why does she still get elected anyway? “Like” then does not determine Leaders (but vision) – it’s only for social accounts, for market research, for celebrities. But lo! Thatcher’s already made her mark, while you and I could be misunderstood – so always be clear and considerate regardless of the “like”, sooner or later you’d be liked too.

In the end, with all the positives and negatives she’s done, she was always guided by that resoluteness and a purpose she believes is for the good of her country – and that’s the legacy of Margaret Thatcher.

What’s your take?