Dennis Crowley: The New Social Media King?


Have you checked-in at Foursquare lately? No? For how long, about 6 months? Oh, then you must be among the “big haters and critics” Founder Dennis Crowley was referring to? No? Okay, so you’re just not really a user then.

Anyway, if you’re into location-based social networking then Foursquare is one of those sites that you regularly visit, right? Must be. Otherwise, there won’t even be talks of Crowley being the new Social Media King.

Why, what should exactly be the bases of such recognition?

User-base in correlation to Growth. In this criteria, Facebook could come to the minds of many – what with the said over 1 billion registered users?! Yet there are other things that you should consider here – duplicate accounts, “spam” users, and “curious” users among others.

Duplicate accounts are obviously users with more than one account. This normally happens because the user might have made a mistake and he still doesn’t know how to correct it, for one. Another reason, for online gaming.

Spam users are those that just registers for “fun”, or in some cases, as “paid registrants”. Why, could this happen? Sure. Haven’t you heard of “ghost voters” or “vote buying” on elections in some places? Spam users are no different.

Curious users are those that either “tries” the site then abandons (for a long time in some cases) it as an “unsatisfied” user, or just registers with the site for the sake of being online. This group makes up most of the irregular users.

Now, the correlation to Growth has a lot to do with the “credibility” of the title. In this instance, Crowley has a legitimate shot. Consider Foursquare’s user-base as to its growth, year-in-year-out and percentage-wise.

Influence. This criteria is a bit tricky. Why? The most obvious basis people would try to determine influence would simply be the number of users or visits the site had.

Hey! Didn’t analysts even consider including the correlation to Growth and the “kind of users” the site has to gauge influence? More importantly, to what extent did the visitors exactly apply the site’s use? Mind you, philosophical or professional application of the site’s idea would make the “analysis of influence” more complicated – though now, complete.

So, is Dennis Crowley worthy of the crown, or could there be somebody else?

What’s your take?


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