Climbing Mountains like Kevin Ryan

Gilt Groupe. DoubleClick. Business Insider. 10gen. Sound familiar? Well, they are just among the internet companies Kevin Ryan started. And they all made their marks. So, what does it actually take to be an internet entrepreneur?


With Ryan, he recognized that the internet has completely changed the business landscape. And even he says it’s “one of the most fundamental trends”. So as we see, it would surely continue to evolve. Hence, you got to learn to think through it, to adapt or be left behind.

If you notice, people nowadays specially youngsters, succeed “bigtime” because of either coding or blogging. Heard the latest, the $1.1B acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo? How about those who from “nowhere” suddenly rakes in a fortune? This is because they learned how to utilize the internet’s power – nothing else.

Same goes with Kevin Ryan.

Continued advancement in technology only says that there are beliefs you should let go. That there are issues you should not force but develop. Change will come. Yet also there are facts you should learn to embrace. That is, if you want to succeed.

Here now, a key ingredient is social media. If you know how to connect without pride, if you know how to collaborate with respect, if you know how to serve more than just appreciate a situation – then your smarts would only need guts, and your guts just better execution to be rewarded.

What’s your take?

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