David Karp and Tumblr

The start of the week filled the internet with news of Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr , which incidentally is one of the more popular blogging platforms today. This deal made its Founder David Karp, the newest member of the billionaires’ club.

Yet did this all happen just like that? Of course not.


Karp may only be in his 20s but his interest in the “deeper” side of tech started as early as 11 – when he learned about HTMLs. But then, with several working stints in between, he ended up dropping out of high school at 15 and never returning to school again.

And so, by February 2007, Tumblr was born. Consequently, just weeks after it was launched, it had amassed around 75,000 users. The rest is history.

Does the internet actually discourage schooling? Well…

Some time ago, I had a friend who came to me a bit puzzled. He said, “What do you think should I do with my 5-year old son – should I make him finish school, or should I just train him hard to be a baseball player?”

I said, “No one could really tell the exact future. But his overall attributes could give you an idea of where he could possibly succeed. If he likes books then he’d be good in school. If he’s athletic then he could be quite an athlete. Yet if he likes tinkering – he could find early success.

Bottom line is, he’s still 5. So first, help build his character specially his focus – and be supportive. When time comes, he’d be ready to be a Leader in his chosen field.. and thank you for your guidance. For now – enjoy each other.”

What’s your take?