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One of the more common yet compelling questions that one could come across in his lifetime would be – if given an opportunity to talk to a person of your choice, past or present, who would it be?

Well? If it’s you, with whom do you wish?

On our feature for today, Jack Dorsey of Twitter is now among the growing number of renown entrepreneurs and executives who offered their time to the highest bidder – and for charity’s sake.

In Dorsey’s case, it’s a full-on lunch for the benefit of at his Square office in San Francisco. So far, after he got a lone bid of $5k, we never really heard much about the auction that ended two weeks ago.

Withal, though many would be interested to know on how high did the bidding actually went – there are more significant things to unravel and learn from such an experience, both for Dorsey and the winning bidder.

Winning Bidder. More than just the bidder’s belief in the charity, it is expected that anyone who participates in such auctions should have a plan on how to benefit from the said meeting.

As for the “winner”, don’t simply go for the subject’s techniques – many times, you could actually observe the evolution of his undertaking; otherwise, you could hire someone for another perspective.

One obvious way to benefit is to ask for Jack Dorsey’s support – similar to what Ruzwana Bashir did. People needs people to succeed. Of course, you just got to be prepared with your great idea to really get his attention.

Dorsey and alike. While using one’s reputation or popularity to raise money for charities is good, it would even be much better if the subject himself donates for the said charity – whether or not the auction is doing well.

For one, the donation would not only highlight the cause’s importance but ring in that sense of urgency to those in the know for more support.

What’s your take?


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