Of Patents and Leaders

What is the purpose of patents? Obviously, to protect your ideas as an inventor, right? A counter step to prevent others from coming up with a similar product.

Well, every country has their own patent laws. But in the US, there is this concern by small businesses – the first-to-file regulation.


While patent application fees may be lower, inventor Mark Stadnyk says simply being the first inventor to file a patent could lead to multiple filings – making it more costly and tougher for smaller businesses to compete with corporations and their army of lawyers.

Nonetheless, Elizabeth Dougherty, Director at the US Patent and Trademark Office says the ruling being more in tuned with overseas patent laws would make international partnerships a little more smoother.

More so, the America Invents Act also provides better means of obtaining research data from many US schools which is encouraging specially for smaller businesses.

Invention is Creativity – a necessity if you want to be a Leader in your industry. Notice the billion-dollar war of Apple and Samsung? And being “small” makes it even more crucial if you want not just big business; but a mark in this world. Thus, it would be to our benefit if we not only watch rules develop but contribute to the shaping of its policies. Initiative is Leadership.

What’s your take?