Apple turning Green


Apple is going green. With new hire, Lisa Jackson, former EPA chief, Apple has decided to take better care of its skin.

As Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Jackson performed as expected until she resigned from her post because she did not want the Keystone Pipeline System to materialize during her time.

And just a little over three months after she left EPA, on May 28, 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the recruitment of Jackson as Apple’s VP for environmental initiatives.

Now, the question of many is – can Lisa Jackson be up to her task? Sure – if she really wants to. Though analysts would point out the difference in experience in public and private organizations as a competence issue, I say the type of organization has little to do with knowledge. In this case, it’s actually about principles.

See. There’s sort of a conflict of ideals here. Notice while EPA is a government agency where she battles industry lobbyists, Apple is a for-profit corporation where she “could be” that industry lobbyist she used to wrestle with.

Jackson is well-connected in the government side of things and she knows the ins-and-outs of the EPA. So, could this be why Tim Cook hired her? We’re not doubting neithers credibility – just curious of course.

The Greatest Leaders are defined by Principles and guided by Conscience.

What’s your take?