When Lightning Strikes

Lightning has struck! And it did deep into the coffers of Mount Olympus. Yes, that’s just how it is for Greece right now.


The banking system has lost 30% of its deposits. Market confidence was not restored. And with a protracted recession, there’s higher unemployment. Indeed, a great mess.

Obviously, Greece needs help. More help. But what would you do if an agency like the IMF succumbs to politics instead of like handing down the best and most honest advice possible?

Turn to the Euro zone? Still, what if they even want you kicked out of the group? Well.. it’s a sorry plight indeed for a proud and beautiful nation like Greece – and the Euro zone itself!

International Monetary Fund. Focus on what you are, on what you stand for – which is to help improve the economies of member countries. And you can only do this if you do not try to hide an elephant, if you really diagnose from the roots, if you do not simply try to please people.

Focus results in Effective Leadership.

Euro zone. The group has to understand that they are all in it together unless one intentionally tries to ruin it in some way; otherwise, why form such an alliance?

Now, if the group is still too weak to stand; clearly, the more stable countries like Germany should help out. If Germany is worried of their “money” – then to assure better results, contribute in the planning as well.

Greek Government. With the situation the country is in, the least you could do is to calm your people. Talk them into accepting much lower wages, at least for the next 3-5 years, if only to entice more foreign investments – to have jobs.

On the part of the leaders themselves, sacrifice like taking pay cuts until the economy recovers. Remember, the ability to sacrifice is a mark of a worthy Leader.

What’s your take?