Yet Another Whistleblower?

Can a democratic government do just about anything to its country and people? Why no, of course not. Isn’t it that the government is for the people and by the people? So?

Well, by definition alone, we agree – that the government exists for the people, to serve and protect the people. Then, would it now be okay for government to snoop into people’s lives? Even if you’re not doing anything wrong?


This is the contention of whistleblower, Edward Snowden – a US intelligence defense contractor who spilled the beans of the National Security Agency, and says he did it to protect privacy and liberty.

During those times, Snowden just wanted to make known the activities of the NSA which was surveillance through acquisition of phone data and internet content such as emails – something he felt was a violation of rights – which it was.

Meanwhile, President Obama maintains that his administration is not spying on US citizens but simply looking for information on terrorists. Well said. And both sides actually has a point – yet something has to give.

Private citizens would naturally favor Snowden’s actions. Then again, since the government insists that it’s really just trying to check on terrorists – and since intrusion has already been done, the government should just sincerely assure the public of at least the following:

•   That all information gathered would remain confidential, and discarded after sifting within a week.
•   That any ill-feelings discovered towards the government other than terrorist plots would not result in harassment.

What about Edward Snowden?

Right now, the US government is appealing to countries to return Snowden to the US. On the other hand, Snowden worries for his and his family’s safety. If only for an expected employment agreement of nondisclosure, Snowden would be at no fault – after all, his actions did not really compromise national security but was just fighting for privacy and liberty rights.

Therefore, the US should guarantee just treatment of Edward Snowden and his family to open lines.

Charges? If so, don’t you think the people should also “charge” the US government for invasion of privacy?

What’s your take?


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