Asiana.. what now?


Asiana Airlines flight 214 – 6 July 2013

It must have been terrifying to be a passenger at Asiana Airlines flight 214 when it crashed last Saturday in San Francisco.  Look at the news.  The site.  The video.  The pictures of the plane.  The passengers.  Just terrible!  Some passengers must be so traumatized that they don’t want to hear or see anything about it.  And yes, their families.  Shocked.  Worried.  Angered – all mixed up.  Certainly, we could feel the pain and loss.

But then, it has already happened.  And for many, whatever the amount in “damages” they would get from Asiana may not be enough to compensate such an experience.  Moving on is going to be tough, a real work in progress.

Still, it was a miracle to survive and be thankful for.

Asiana Airlines CEO Yoon Young-do

Asiana Airlines CEO Yoon Young-do

Yet what if you’re the CEO of Asiana?  Imagine the load you’re carrying right now?  The stress.  The pressure.  The grief.  Pricking would be so deep and penetrating that embarrassment would be offset by humility.  Yes, this is what failure would bring one – Humility.

We don’t know Yoon personally but we recognize the history of Asiana.  It’s not their first time.  I mean, such tragedy.  Thence, perhaps more than just investigating what happened to that fatal flight – Yoon Young-do should seriously consider Asiana’s culture.  Make culture your Brand.  This is where Yoon’s Leadership should emanate – where Asiana would rise from an unfortunate event.

See, when it comes to aircrafts – control problems, engines, fuel, landing gears, battery, pilot error, training, weather – these have been regular culprits, that it has become a never-ending cycle.  But culture sees deeper than these – it shapes the people in its fence to value their work, their customers, their company more – that error would be far and few, more so, never tragic.

After all, planes should still be the fastest and safest way to travel.

What’s your take?