What’s with Exits?

Andy Rubin: The Man behind Android

Andy Rubin: The Man behind the Android

Since you are aware of Androids, you must have an idea of who Andy Rubin is.  If you don’t then here goes..

Andy Rubin is the co-founder of Android, Inc. and was previously an SVP at Google until March 2013.

This movement was announced by CEO Larry Page at Google’s official blog post and that Rubin was going to be replaced by Sundar Pichai as he would be taking on new projects. Yet.. some say he just got pushed out, while for others, he simply got tired of Android so he took on a startup called CloudCar.

While there are those who worry of Android’s future with Rubin out, well, he’s not too far out but still within arms length – in case you need advice that is.

For whatever reason Rubin disconnected with Android, one could only speculate. Still, there are signals you could learn when a talent tries to exit, and so you save your organization from a “brain drain” or a possible slow down.

When there’s a desire to jump out – there must be an actual or impending “danger”, or a foreseen opportunity.  Human relations.  Bottom line.  Projects.  Just like what Page said.  But the key is – if people stay connected then their parting was, more or less, palatable.

If the talent simply got tired then the undertaking may have already reached it’s peak – that if ever there were improvements, it could be at a snail’s pace.  On the other hand, any good talent would never get tired, if it’s only about running a race – between manufacturer and the growing needs of consumers.  Just give them your full support.

To make a long story, short – in Rubin’s case, he sees the challenges with the Android are no longer worth it. Yes, Android has grown to be the world’s most used mobile operating system – but what’s next when you already have conquered the world?

Obviously, a new mountain to climb and conquer.

What’s your take?