More Nelson Mandela

South African Iconic Leader Nelson Mandela

South African Iconic Leader Nelson Mandela

Yes, we want more of Nelson Mandela.  The charismatic ANC leader who showed the world that time could not overpower a vision so strong and sincere. Yes, even at 95, we still want more of Mandela.

Now, entering his 7th week in the hospital, Mandela celebrated his 95th birthday with smiles and an improving health.  Just appropriate for a man who taught humanity what being humane is.

To date, so much is being written about the man.  So much talk of the icon everywhere and all the way to social media … that simply makes many gushing, “Long Live Mandela!”

His legacy has indeed been planted in the hearts and minds of many that even his former opponents could not ignore but admire.  Yet what could be his most noteworthy thread?  Here’s one … and probably the most lustrous one.


With all tears, sweat and blood – he endured Robben Island like a man.  He remained steadfast to his purpose.  He strengthened his resolve by bonding within the lonely island. Yet when he finally came out of prison after 27 years, and soon after he got elected as South Africa’s first black president – he never really held a grudge.  Instead, he called for unity amongst his people, in that he led a difficult transition from apartheid to democracy.

Past is past – no matter how painful.  How many could take it, and yet forgive?

Many of today’s leaders find it hard to forgive – they classify it as a sort of weakness.  But wait.  Isn’t the ability to forgive power in itself?  After all, they owe you big time.  Besides forgiving does not mean you’d allow it again.

With that, as leaders of businesses and governments, your integrity now is at stake.  You say many good things about Nelson Mandela – that he’s worth emulating and all.  Now, it’s time for you to walk the talk … and forgive.

What’s your take?