And it’s a Boy !!

Life goes on … whether one is a mailman, an entrepreneur or a prince. Nobody stays young forever. We will all grow old and later on fade from this wonderful planet. And so the cry to make this world a better place for generations to come.

royal-baby-comingYet the world will only transpire in beautiful music if we train the next generation not only to keep up with technology and trends, but train our children as to how we wish the world would be more of – with respect, with patience, morality, empathy, expressiveness while being considerate, non discriminatory, and developing that skill of listening to understand then be understood.

Well, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just, just had a baby boy. That’s great! Congratulations! A new member in the family, and in their case the Royal family, is always good news.

Now the hard yet delightful part – really caring for the child, spending quality time while developing his talents and skills; and as we hope for – molding him into being a good citizen of the human race.

Guess what?

If you have been truly a parent or have experienced rearing a child – not just for a week or several months – then you have done yourself a favor. You not only trained your child but you were training yourself as well. All of what I just mentioned – from learning to properly respect to knowing how to listen. You actually prepared yourself into becoming a better Leader.

Ironically, not many realizes this – the link between parenting and leadership. Of course, more than just changing those diapers and waking up at 2 a.m. just to make milk which incidentally develops your “tolerance to differences” among others – there are those innate characteristics in a child that would be a real tough nut to crack in your journey together – but that’s your challenge.

Before you can mold another being, or sell your vision to your people – Fix yourself first.

What’s your take?