More of Social Responsibility

If you heard of babies being given as prices, specially if this is happening in your place, how would you feel – what would you do? Particularly if you are a head-of-state, a head of a charitable organization, or even as a business leader?

babykindYes, you read it right. In the game show – Aman Ramazan – abandoned babies are given to childless couples as their price for winning in Pakistan’s controversial game show.

We have heard of human trafficking. Of sex slaves. Of child labor and various human-related exploitations. But this one is one of a kind.

Like the winners who received their baby, I was also shocked to learn about this news. Okay, the show says they have their vetting procedure, and contestants are registered and have their sessions – but you’re still giving away a human being.

What’s happening?

Yes, the babies were abandoned – but why use the game show to find a family for the baby? Now, although couples could apply for guardianship at their family court – still, this is quite unfortunate considering Pakistan has no adoption laws.

As Heads-of-State, you should ensure the safety and welfare of your people. Have laws not just for adoption but exploitation – this should be a given. Create jobs and educate your people on “intimacy” and responsible parenthood so such abandonments are eliminated if not minimized. You are the father of your nation – everybody is counting on your decisions.

On the other hand, it’s understandable why charitable institutions and NGOs could offer babies for undertakings such as game shows – they do not have the funds to feed another mouth. But let not this discourage you instead call on your government and private entities for more assistance – you could even use social media.

Business Leaders, we keep hearing “social responsibility” even down the hall – well, this is not only limited to matters like not polluting the environment, or providing employment – this is also about being a more “conscientious” Leader.

While customers bring in money – babies bring good karma.

If you could form foundations for various diseases or causes – this is should be one of them. Donations or even a sincere petition would also help.

What’s your take?