Yang Lan, Sun Media Group Chairperson

Eloquent and attractive – that’s how many would describe Yang Lan, Sun Media Group’s co-founder and chairperson. This is why she has been a household name in China for years as a leading TV host. Yang, actually, bursted into the national scene back in 1990 when she hosted Zheng Da Variety Show on CCTV leading her to the “Golden Microphone Award” in 1994.

From there, she continued her studies and earned her master’s degree in International Affairs at Columbia University. Upon coming back to China, she created a show for Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV now known as Yang Lan One on One. This show, now with over 600 interviews with various leaders worldwide, catapulted her to greater heights and dubbed as China’s Oprah.

With everything practically working well, Yang and her husband Bruno Wu put up Sun Media in 1999 which became known for its high-quality original content, and developing cross-media and cross-country communications. Since then the company has grown into one of China’s leading private media groups.

Yang Lan of Sun Media Group

Yang Lan of Sun Media Group

To this date, with all the hard work Yang put forth, she has received various awards and citations, and while serving on the board of several organizations as well. Result: she was ranked as the 100th most powerful woman by Forbes as of May 2013.

Looking at Yang’s journey, we see a woman who knows what she wants head on – Media. She engaged herself in activities, whether experience or exposure, related to her chosen industry; and armed herself with an education that speaks of her intended scope – International. More so, she took in Hong Kong media mogul Wu as her husband.

Actually, there’s nothing really new to Yang’s route. Many are doing it. Many have done it. Success, in truth, is all about having a main goal, connecting with people that could help attain your goal, and having perseverance as well as common sense. If one of them is missing – your “flight” would be delayed, or worse, missed altogether.

Still, what needs to be emphasized is – show that you know what you are doing, and you will get the trust of, specially, the people that you need – to roll. It’s called building your credibility.

What’s your take?