Mindy Grossman, HSN CEO

After being ranked 96th in 2012, Mindy Grossman jumped 7 notches higher this year to take the 89th spot in Forbes list of the world’s most powerful women.

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman

After spending six years at Nike and five years at Polo Jeans, Grossman joined Home Shopping Network in 2006; and from then on, she has helped evolve the company from a linear network towards mobile and online applications.

By August 2008, she formally took over as the Chief Executive of HSN, which to date has seen over $3 billion in revenues. Now with close to 5 million customers, Grossman has become a bona fide power player in e-commerce – and this is what solidified her position as among the most powerful women.

How did she do it? The most obvious answer would be by strategically using celebrities. Well, certainly that’s not something new but the key word here would be “strategically” – in other words, learning to form a strategic ally. And only those with good business acumen could maneuver with precision.

Yet what makes Mindy Grossman such a Leader? Let’s pick her mind.

Knowing and Focusing

…on what she wants, on what she’s good at. As she said, “When we are caught up in the nature of our work and are asked to take on another job or position, rarely do we step back and ask ourselves: what do we really want to do? What is it at this point in my career and life that is important to me?”

Clearly, she is one of those who not only has a definite chief aim but understands how to take advantage of what we now have – Technology. And once you mix this with “imagination”, imagine the possibilities?!

Vision not Leader

…is what people follows according to Grossman – “A vision of what the future looks like and how their work helps them along the path.” Yet who could create this vision, who could shape a culture out of this vision? Only a good leader could fashion out a good culture.. that is his being extending to the rest of the company.

Never bet against anyone

“…if people do something that has a true purpose and they do it with boldness, I root for them.” Angella Nazarian of Huffington Post is right, this is a simple but generous credo by Grossman. Still, what is a feeling if you don’t act it out? A warmer world only means the “absence of discrimination” – not only of women but of race, religion, and everything. This is something Mindy Grossman has to work on if she really means what she said – a legacy not like what most builds, but a legacy where a Leader would be truly loved for.

What’s your take?