Weili Dai, Marvell Technology Co-founder

In 1995, a couple from the United States founded what is now among five largest “fabless” semiconductor companies in the world – Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Oh, fabless means that the said company designs the chips that others make. This couple is no other than Indonesian native Sehat Sutardja and Chinese-born wife, Weili Dai, who is said to be the only female co-founder of a major semicon firm; and now, the world’s 88th most powerful woman according to Forbes.

Marvell Co-founder Weili Dai

Marvell Co-founder Weili Dai

In her journey, Weili has built close relationships and formed strategic partnerships which led Marvell’s technology to becoming an integral part in many of the world’s products in mobile computing, consumer and emerging markets among others.

Yet, many have said that a husband and wife business tandem would not work, just as friends who get into business partnerships. Well, what do you know? Not all of them. While many couples or friends attributes their good working relationship to drawing a line early on; actually, it’s all about good personality and right values. Thinking about that “line” alone only builds tension in the long run – you got to have an easy-going attitude to survive challenges in style.

With this, we could certainly say that Weili’s hobby which is sports, or basketball in particular has a lot to do with her work ethics. As she was quoted by the Los Angeles Times, “My hobby is sports. I love basketball. I like teamwork. But I also like that there is a result. You shoot the ball and you make a basket. It feels like you accomplished something.”

How many understands that? That team sports is more than exercise or having fun with others? This is why not only many of the unbelievers have an “unhealthy” body but a “closed mind” as well.

Purpose. Passion. Principles. Positivism. Philanthropy. All successful entrepreneurs have these. But only few would not let pride get in the way of “pure and natural” communication – this is crucial to building rapport beyond our wallets and into a deeper bond, just like Sehat Saturdja and Weili Dai … and the few who are “truly” successful.

What’s your take?