To be Deserving of Power…

Looking at the remaining days of the year as we are now in November, clearly, we would not be able to complete Forbes’ 100 most powerful women for 2013. See so far, we’ve only talked of those ‘til number 83 – Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

Yet more than just starting mid-stream with the countdown, you might ask why did we begin from the bottom, from the 100th ranked woman? And why are we even talking about other leaders and ventures at that? Well, the answer is simple – this is to give lower ranked leaders and personalities a chance to be evaluated or appreciated first. That’s equality.

Thinking about it, those who are higher ranked (like Melinda Gates and Oprah Winfrey, save for most who are in politics) would still likely be on the list next year. Why? Their undertakings or personalities are more established, especially, compared to those who just made the list.

And why do we include other leaders and ventures outside the 100 most powerful? Oh, could you “eat only fried chicken” for the next 100 meals? So? Besides, aren’t there significant leadership developments outside Forbes’ list as well?

To be part of the most powerful list is indeed an honor but for those who did not make it – that does not mean you are of a lesser mortal. Many like Malala Yousafzai have made a dent in this world, and it’s only a matter of time when she would eventually be one of the most powerful as well.

Still, in any elite listing, if only for purpose, heart and ability – many other individuals could be considered. And in some cases, even more than the traditional ones most of us know as a noted few just made it simply because of the organization they are connected with.

Purpose. Ability. Heart.

More than money and position… Real Power comes with Purpose. Ability. Heart.

Purpose. Talking about the “organization one is connected with”, many who are in such lists may be a contributor to their organization but then, they did not really start that organization; more so, unless you were a ”game-changer” then you being in any elite list was just luck – which brings us to…

Ability. Okay, to be a contributor, one should have the ability – and no doubt, each one of them does have the ability. Now, it just boils down to how this ability is truly being used. Let alone, how many are actually going out of their “comfort zone” to promote not just gender equality but nonstereotyping among others?

Heart. You or your organization may have a good purpose but if it’s only to make an impression – then what’s the use? Social responsibility, to be truly felt, requires “sincerity.” You don’t need to call the press to show what you are doing but just go on with your projects and let media discover on their own.

What’s your take?