Solina Chau, Li Ka Shing Foundation Director

We are now up to the 80th spot in Forbes’ list of the most powerful women for 2013 and, she is no other than Solina Chau, Director of Li Ka Shing Foundation – a private investment arm founded by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing.

Li Ka-shing Director Solina Chau

Li Ka-shing Director Solina Chau

A graduate of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, Chau is interested in high-tech start-ups – as you can see in her business career that has been mostly involved in the investing and selling of technological companies. And one of them is the Beijing Leitingwuji Nework Technology Company Limited – an interactive voice-recognition service provider.

Presently, among her other ventures, Chau is a business partner in Cheung Kong Group and a major stockholder in, a publication and advertising company in the People’s Republic of China.

Nonetheless, despite her business interests you might have forgotten that the foundation she heads is actually into philanthropy. Recently, it has granted over $1.6bn to support endeavors like medical research to disaster relief in 19 countries across the globe. Oh, wonder how her initiatives responded to the recent 7.2 earthquake and super typhoon in the Philippines?

Philanthropy is good – only if you pick up the pieces before it’s too late, and more so, utilized by rightful hands.

Anyhow, Chau also launched her own foundation in 1996 to focus on education and women’s initiatives. Hmm… if you notice, people normally aligns their efforts either on what they have experienced which could also mean their passion, or what is currently trending. Just remember not to make it too heavy on one side – as in, too many of you can’t be addressing the same thing; otherwise, what’s the use?

In all these, what we hope for is that these people of influence truly completes what they have started.

What’s your take?