Mary Jo White, US SEC Chairperson

The current and 31st Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission is Forbes’ 72nd most powerful woman – Mary Jo White.

U.S. SEC's Mary Jo White

U.S. SEC’s Mary Jo White

Hmm… SEC. Wonder what kind of person President Obama picked to head the organization?

According to reports of Nicholas Lemann, friends and colleagues characterize White as the most competitive and driven person they have ever encountered … to the extent of calling her “Sid Vicious.”

Oh, she must be some personality, huh?

Well, if her being too organized and “radaric” at work alone is giving her staff and colleagues the goose bumps – how much more when she carries it to her social life? It’s like there’s no time to relax and have fun – that even Boggle and crazy eights, she takes ‘em so seriously. My golly!

Whether one is an executive of a large corporation or not, we’re still humans. Life can’t be just about working and winning. By the way, working and winning? It’s like just working and working more. This is like leading by fear more than by example. Being hard-working is good but unless you live in your office, how many would want to work too much just to be “alienated”?

Anyhow, White is actually a lawyer by profession. She started to make a name for herself when she became Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York in December 1992; then later on being appointed by President Bill Clinton for the Southern District. And before she took the position at the SEC, White was serving as chair of the litigation department at Debevoise & Plimpton.

Looking at her tracks, White has been at it particularly with mobsters and terrorists.

Now, it could be financial fraudsters.

But wait, what is this we hear that Rolling Stone magazine has affirmed that White used her influence and connections to shield a number of Wall Street CEOs from prosecution? If this isn’t true, White should be cleaning her name; or face the consequence of being grouped with El Chapo in some way. Otherwise, how about telling her story? What, just ignore ‘em?

Hey, you’re supposed to be among the most powerful “good” women – and a respected one at that.

What’s your take?