Patricia Woertz, ADM Chairman, President & CEO

Patricia Woertz, ADM's Top honcho

Patricia Woertz, ADM’s Top honcho

So, we got at least 3 more articles before the end of 2013; and for this day, let’s delve into Archer Daniels Midland Chairman, President and CEO Patricia Woertz – the 71st most powerful woman in Forbes’ list.

Ooh, does that sound like a chore? Certainly not. Otherwise, everybody’s life in this list, in these articles would be pretty much the same – sort of boring. But we do find even little differences though, and that’s what makes everyone special – strength-wise.

As for Woertz, she used to be the EVP for Global Downstream Operations of Chevron where she spent 29 years of her career before taking over ADM on May 2006.

By the way, what is this Archer Daniels Midland company?

Hmm… it’s a conglomerate that processes cereal grains and oilseeds into food, beverage, nutraceutical, industrial and animal feeds products in over 270 plants around the world. Recently, ADM has invested in fuel production with which Woertz is expected to focus on – developing ethanol and biofuels.

How has she been doing since?

According to Forbes, Woertz is pushing to acquire GrainCorp Ltd, an Australian grain company; and that the acquisition would give ADM, a grain trader itself and the world’s largest corn processor, a chance to export its products to China, to Asia. However, the latest is that the takeover bid was blocked by Australia causing CEO Alison Watkins to step down come January. Ahh, what now?

Well, that’s how business is. All about gobbling others … or failing. The more ways you find to grow, the better.

And this is why Woertz has been regularly ranked among the world’s most powerful, not just by Forbes but by Fortune magazine as well – her burning desire to get better. You’d notice this in her interview with the said magazine, Woertz pictured herself as an outsider at ADM: “I’m outside the company, outside the industry, outside the family, outside the gender expectations.”

This only means one thing – Her Mentality and Competence keeps her above competition.

What’s your take?