Leadership Blogging…

Was actually caught in a conundrum on what or whom to feature in today’s issue considering that this is the last day of the year. If you notice I have not been writing about corporate reviews and things like that for some months now – this is because we got to showcase as many leaders as we could to establish what really makes a leader rather than suggesting solutions to problems that in fact rooted in poor leadership.

Foundation first.

Now to many, success is measured in dollars. Competence is gauged through experience. Attitude is determined by references. And hiring is said to net the ideal results via passive candidates.



If success means money then it only confirms that each of us has our own definition of success. Hey, we do not have the same financial needs or desires! So why do others “look down” at those with simple joys?

Of course, not everybody does. But for those who do, many may not say it but deep inside there’s this feeling of superiority – whether you admit it or not. Worse, some even takes advantage of these seemingly naive individuals. Good leaders are empathic, remember that.


If competence is experience then there is no such thing as “talent” or intelligence. Funny then why many leaders falter “big time” and still get hired – it’s because of this belief. Oh my… we’re breeding bad leaders.

Business is basically about buy and sell while growth depends on imagination. Therefore, business is just common sense. Everything can be learned, the difference lies in speed or “intelligence.” And those who says it’s not that simple, or tries to complicate things are simply insecure and incompetent themselves.


You want to ascertain a potential? Do not just talk to references. Isn’t it obvious that they would say good things about the candidate? Or say negative things if the reference has some grudge against the person?

How then do you determine attitude? If it’s legal in the area, try to get hold of their CCTV. Pick on a random tape. Otherwise, just talk to the person. Better yet, schedule an interview in an unholy time. See how he reacts or tries to negotiate – then include that “incident” in your meeting.


Leadership is incomplete if you do not have the power to hire and fire. But if hiring just favors passive candidates then what is the use of executive job boards? More so, why have a recruiter do the screening? Your HR can do that. How many passive candidates are there anyway?

People is what makes or breaks a leader. You can not leave hiring to machines or recruitment “tools” or a structured system. Many times, accomplishments are attained due to previous build-up or luck. Thence, see their fit, their ability through their works – blogs, forums, or online activities.

If people are really assets and not costs… Be more active in the hiring process yourself.

What’s your take?