Issue: Romance and Politics of Francois Hollande

Do romance and politics mix? Or is the former a distraction to the latter?

French President Francois Hollande

French President Francois Hollande

While there are those who condemn the romantic life of French President Francois Hollande, there are also those who says that his love life is his own business. And true enough, it is.

Yet why are there many trying to dip into Hollande’s privacy?

Business? Publicity? Rivals? Critics? What, they also want to have more women? Oh, gossipers can’t be the “thinking” voters. Hey, with all these write ups coming about, we could almost call this thing like rumormongering.

Leaders like you and me don’t do this. No time for such.

There’s more to do than muddle into people’s affairs – even if he’s the president. In this case, focus should be on whether Hollande is doing his job – and not just to pass time – but performing to the best of his ability.

Reports has it that this news, in fact, boosted his popularity but 77% were actually dissatisfied. Hmm…

Hollande can’t blame his people for mocking him if they’re in a financial crisis – because as they themselves would then tell him that with all our nation’s troubles, you still have that time to “cheat”?!?

Now, although even ordinary people get into such affairs, this is definitely not good if you are committed to somebody (which is what Hollande did) – but again, it’s his own life. And they are already adults.

Seeing Hollande ride a scooter to Julie may seem interesting but there are other topics to write or talk about other than love affairs, right? Just be creative. See what happened to Valerie? It’s not just Hollande, but it’s the media’s fault as well.

Shouldn’t complaints or whatever be just between him, Valerie Trierweiler and Julie Gayet? Other than that, you want to share your views with Hollande? Talk to him in private, or send him a personal email. After all, this is a personal matter – unless, he’s putting people and his country in danger.

Thence, the greater issue here would be.. Hollande’s mental and emotional stability.

Is romance occupying his working hours? Like, is he skipping work just to be in a rendezvous with whoever? Delegation is a different thing. You give your lieutenants responsibility but not to the extent of being irresponsible yourself. This would tell if he is indeed fit to be President.

Bottom line is – any President can announce this and that. But only good leaders work more and talks less – proof is on the people’s standard of living. As it is… 77 per cent are dissatisfied. Well, the survey should have gone deeper.

Still, with all the ridiculing going on, whatever good Francois Hollande may be doing for France might just mess up. Why? Unless France is not progressing before the divulged affair, these rumors are actually the ones distracting his job.

Romance and politics. Business and romance. How about something new?

What’s your take?