Issue: Relevance of Davos

If there’s a gathering that is better left unpublicized then it must be the ongoing World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. But then, it certainly won’t – after all, they control almost everything on earth.

Davos 2014

Davos 2014

This brings us to the report from global anti-poverty group, Oxfam.

According to its study, the world’s 85 wealthiest people hold as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion, and that is half of the world’s population – in other words, their wealth amounts to $110 trillion which is 65 times the total wealth of humanity’s lower half.

Oh, when was this forum founded anyway? 1971? See, it’s been that long… but still what?

The rich just gets richer and the poor keeps getting poorer. Yes, there is this Giving Pledge foundation – but recipients would have to wait forever before they truly benefit from it. And of course, the World Economic Forum where sadly all they really do is… just talk. Hmm… and count their blessings.

Looking at the Top Trends for 2014 according to global significance…

  1. Rising societal tensions in the Middle East and North Africa  (4.07)
  2. Widening income disparities  (4.02)
  3. Persistent structural unemployment  (3.97)
  4. Intensifying cyber threats  (3.93)
  5. Inaction on climate change  (3.81)
  6. Diminishing confidence in economic policies  (3.79)
  7. Lack of values in leadership  (3.76)
  8. Expanding middle class in Asia  (3.75)
  9. Growing importance in megacities  (3.48)
  10. Rapid spread of misinformation online  (3.35)

Unless the above list is part of issue number 10 then half of those in the top ten are really about money and the rest about poor leadership. This means, those who has the power are actually just massaging situations for their own benefit. Notice? Hardship and chaos just continues. It’s been a dog-eat-dog kind of world – obviously, capitalism does not work for the majority.

And Davos.. has simply become a good place for social gatherings and spending a vacation. Time to really Act.

What’s your take?