Issue: Syrian Crisis | Talks

It has been 3 years now and running. Yes, the latest, Syria is still at war – and it has in fact poured in to a “meeting room” in Switzerland. Hmm… that’s a change.syria talks - UN-Syria_Horo

The aim of the talks is to end the suffering of the Syrian people which is what everybody wants, yea, including the Syrian government. But there’s an expected stalemate – the Syrian government does not want to relinquish power to a transitional government. Instead, they suggest that the international community cede supplying aid to the rebels whom they call “terrorists” for the sufferings to stop in Syria.

Some agrees that resolving the issue by force is not the solution as even Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said, ”The best solution is to organise a free and fair election inside Syria.”

Well, that’s the point. Form a transitional government until leadership is determined by fair and honest elections. But then, both sides naturally insisted their agenda. And unfortunately, the government failing to understand why was there a rebellious uprising in the first place.

Let’s hear what Syrian foreign minister Walid Muallem had to say, “No one, Mr. Kerry, in the world has the right to give legitimacy or to withdraw legitimacy from a president, a government, a constitution or a law or anything in Syria, except Syrians…”

Makes sense – if there is no bloodshed, if there’s no chemical weapons used.

Now, if we just keep listening to both sides, this would not end. Thus, there should be a judge to solve this.

Okay then, isn’t Syria a member of the UN? So? Listen to Ban Ki Moon. You don’t just say, hey you live in New York and do not know what’s really going on. Then why are the innocent suffering and dying? Rebels?

syrian warIn the author’s opinion, at the very least, there should be a ceasefire for humanitarian aid to gain access to those who needs it. Not just for one week but if not forever, at least until leadership has been decided in an honest, fair and nonthreatening election (not June, Mr. Assad, that’s too long but in 3 months) – otherwise, if no ceasefire, aid and agreed upon elections – military intervention by the international community. That should end this once and for all.

For now, leave Syria in the hands of Assad. Yes. But make sure a ceasefire, humanitarian aid, and an agreed upon elections would take place. If Assad still wins the elections – nobody in the world should complain.

What’s your take?