“We have just r…

“We have just recently passed a law prohibiting propaganda, and not of homosexuality, but of homosexuality and child abuse, child sexual abuse. But this has nothing to do with persecuting individuals for their sexual orientation…” – Vladimir Putin

With the Sochi Winter Games just days to go. Russian Leader Vladimir Putin is understandably trying to calm down not just the athletes and visitors, but the world and the Russians themselves.

Russia-anti-gay-protes5tHowever, confusion seems to play a role here as people does not exactly know if they would be arrested for being gay. Okay, we certainly respect Russian culture and all, but in international events like this – Putin has to go with the flow. That will calm down the non-Russians at least for the games itself.

Now, for the Russian people, they certainly know their voices would be heard by the world if they scream in an international gathering like this – thus, Putin has to clarify the “anti-gay” law. What, is it really just for child sexual abuse? Then how come there are still those who are protesting?

Instead of blaming the West for the spread of homosexuality, understand that such may have existed since but never had the chance to come out in the open for fear of being punished. See, everywhere there are gays – whatever culture, whatever nation.


Russian Leader Vladimir Putin

The important thing here is whether these gays are creating trouble or not.. if they are then you could reprimand them. But then, most of the “trouble makers” are actually the non-gays – I’m speaking of most places in the world. More so, many gays are even productive people that if you try to suppress their being – not only will Russia lose talent but could even gain a burden.

Now, about “morality”.. shouldn’t it be the problem of one’s religion, if not, spirituality? People certainly wants their children to be upright even in sexuality, thus it’s up to the parents themselves to deal with this in a matured way. Schools and churches could contribute, however not in a coercive manner. But as for governments? It’d be better to just focus more on the economy, security, and the people’s standard of living.

Yes, of course, there’s already a law on these including that of gays. Yet, what people needs is just a little more consideration and light.

Empathy and clarity in a Leader is important not just to be effective.. but appreciated.

What’s your take?