“We are not goi…

“We are not going to just put our games on smart devices. We need our unique position as a developer of both hardware and software to maintain the scale of business Nintendo aspires to.” – Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President

Amid Nintendo’s impending third straight year of losses, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata remains firm on his decision not to bring in the company’s premier game franchises into mobile platforms – though, investors and analysts believe that putting games like “Super Mario” and “Pokémon” would greatly help the company’s share price go up two or even three times higher.wiiu

Okay, mobile gaming is hot and getting hotter. And yes, even as Iwata said, “TV commercials alone will not convince customers to buy our products. Users now want more information, and many different things now vie for customers’ attention.” And so, we see Nintendo promoting their games through trials, or by allowing users to play demo games.

We understand that what Iwata is looking at is to develop applications to help advance its games on smart devices instead, as well as license more rights to its characters and work on “eye-catching” games for Nintendo’s console Wii U.

But then, what we see a critical development here would be come March when sales dive on post holiday blues while still pursuing Nintendo’s business model.

Why do I say “critical”? Well, despite three years of losses, because of Iwata’s stance on the company’s vision – we should give Satoru Iwata one more chance to prove himself – but only until this year’s third quarter. No, not Christmas. The holidays is a given in terms of increase in sales, thus, it’s not a good gauge to one’s ability…

Iwata+Nintendo+President+Satoru+Iwata+6D3oC6WuRAXlMore so and more importantly, we can’t put game franchises like “Super Mario” on mobiles just like that.


Notice today’s games? On the other hand, Pokémon is an “older” game which was appreciated by an “earlier” generation. Could the original version of Pokémon go toe-to-toe for the long haul? This means, you have to modify even a bit of its graphics and perhaps also add features that could change the original game among others to attract users – not to mention placing a heavy promotion on its reintroduction. A little more tinkering. Got the point?

What’s your take?