Issue: The Right to Die

The right to die may sound a bit personal and it is. Though only God has that right to take back the life He lent us, more than any other human being, we know our bodies and how much pain we could handle. And this is why, as Leaders, we now come to this controversy…


…first, it was the Netherlands, some 10 years ago. Now, Belgium has joined them as the only countries to legalize euthanasia – with Belgium being the first country to remove age “restrictions” on such a difficult situation.

What constitutes this right by the way?

It is said that one should be in continuous severe pain with too little or no chance of getting better. That as a child, more than their request, he should have parental consent and approval of the medical team. Oh wow! That decision must be the toughest for parents – it’s like giving your kid the death sentence. Who wants their child to die anyway?


Still, if you “care” for your child as what the contention is, you are said to give your consent. This is pretty hard to understand if you’ve never been in such a situation. Nonetheless, to be able to give a humane decision, one has to be able to truly empathize with people and parents who are going through very trying times.

How long can you bear seeing and hearing your child grimace in pain? On the other hand, how strong is your spirituality, your belief in God? Even so, how strong is your conscience? How much does it relate to your attachment with your kid? These are what you should really consider before signing those papers, and mind you…

This is not as simple as gay-rights, or legalizing medicinal marijuana, fellow leaders. So…

What’s your take?