Issue: Lenovo adopts Motorola

Sure you have heard of Lenovo acquiring Motorola from Google, but what gives?

Lenovo says its short-term quarterly earnings is going to hurt a bit. Well of course, Motorola is down and you not only acquire its name but its financial condition as well. Then again, what can Lenovo do for Motorola that Google wasn’t able to? Or, did Lenovo just make the wrong acquisition?


First, what is Lenovo? What is Google, and what is Motorola?

Lenovo is, first of all, a computer company that branched out into mobile even before the buy out of Motorola. On the other hand, Google is basically an internet company that tried to handle a struggling telecommunications company in Motorola – yes, by banking on their open-source Android mobile operating system.

So, what happened, why wasn’t Google able to sustain Motorola? You may have your own assumptions but what we could see here is some sort of confusion.. loss of focus, scattered energy, or in short, a leadership breakdown.

What do I mean by this?

Since Google is providing its OS to Android phones of today, its leadership was simply content on doing such and just neglected the development of Motorola.

Can Lenovo address this?

Them having their own mobile division beforehand, they probably could.. if.. if. Okay, they may be inheriting Motorola’s “debts” that they would be incurring short-term losses but stop yapping about it and start working. For starters, more than the obvious of just combining technologies, utilize reach more than just for the retention of existing customers.

What’s your take?