“My turnaround …

“My turnaround strategy relies on the enterprise customer for the next one to two years.” – John Chen, Blackberry CEO

Blackberry is down, though as we know it participated in the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which is good.. well, down or not, companies should take advantage of whatever significant event or gathering there is in their industry. And just like other participants, they did use the event to unveil their own smartphones, the Z3 and the Q20.

Yet more than just talking about their smartphones, we are here to check out on John Chen’s strategy..


Blackberry Z3

..and that is relying on enterprise customers and in partnership with electronics maker Foxconn where it would develop and manufacture certain Blackberry Messaging service.

First, I’m sure you’ve heard of such strategy even from other industries.. and it’s quite similar to offering your phone on a 2-year lease-to-own installment plan where it would actually include unlimited texting or limited calls.

Well, what do you know, that plan is in fact the next surest thing to paying in cash. The key is simply “be the first”, or offer a much better package compared to what others are offering. Can Blackberry afford this? Of course, that is if they still  want to remain in business.

Now, back to Chen’s strategy.


Blackberry CEO John Chen

In an enterprise customer strategy.. this would mean a lot of company presentations which is not bad if your lieutenants know how to deal with “bean counters”; and so, they get to help you out in doing the rest of the promoting while you could confidently move on to the next client.

Still, understand that most every tactic employed would be noticed just after you have implemented it, thus it’d be important not just to be first but to have a flexible plan including getting into good, stable partnerships as well.

What’s your take?