Crimea’s Annexation and the World Outside

Last March 16, Crimea joined Russia through a referendum which, the world naturally condemned.


Okay, it’s highly possible that Crimeans didn’t vote according to their free will, and this is certainly why the international community made known their disagreement. Of course, that’s like stealing. And so, world powers reacted by sanctioning Russia and even kicking it out of the elite Group of 8.

But then, don’t you think the West is just “overreacting”? Why, what overreacting, Russia just took Crimea?!

We all know that. Yet the world powers forgot that they actually “neglected” Syria which is the one that really needs more than immediate attention? Got the point? The world just got too hard on Russia when they’ve in fact neglected a 3-year old bloody war.


So, why give so much fuss to a newer issue when you have not even solved a long-standing problem? I’m not saying to just let go of the Crimean issue, of course not; but the international community is too scared of what Russia might do than worry of the Syrian people’s suffering. This is like world leaders are getting bit personal in this matter.


Putin, Konstantinov, Aksyonov, and Chaly

How accurate is your diplomatic mind-reading (or economic forecasting) skill anyway?

Russia wants Crimea probably for their oil among others but do you think they’d get more land? Or, commit human rights violations against the Crimeans? Yes? Then right, Crimea should be very close to UN’s priority tasks. Otherwise, first, try to really solve the Syrian problem. If greater concerns just lies in politics and how it’d affect their own countries’ economies then forget it for now, even for a month, unless the world would collapse because of Crimea (then again, it’s the world who sanctioned Russia, right?).. instead, refocus.

Syria first, many have died while the living continues to suffer. Oh, the strategy must be: Just leave Syria to Lakhdar Brahimi then point all missiles at Russia. Right? Wow, incredible. Sorry Syrians, you’re not a priority. Anyway, you’ve endured 3 years, maybe you people could hang on a little more..??

One thing about Great leadership.. it’s about learning how to truly prioritize.

What’s your take?