World Trade Center. Security. And David Velazquez.

The World Trade Center is just too big not to be noticed, but how come its security guard still had some time to sleep? Even had a 16-year-old daredevil, and in another instance, parachutists slipping through WTC’s supposedly tight watch.

Now, what do you expect? Someone’s got to take responsibility of course. The guard? Well, more than just a small fish if you intend to really solve most any problem.


And so, security chief David Velazquez took it upon himself to quit his post even before being blamed for the breaches. Yes, nothing really bad happened during those times but then, security is security. And this is something you cannot just sleep on.. either from perilous adventures or possible terrorist attacks.

Terrorists are just looking for that opportunity on when, where, and how to strike. Remember 9/11? Who would have ever thought? That’s how sneaky a determined lost soul is, he’ll just find ways to slap you in the face. And the current WTC’s security has shown in several instances how easy it seems to penetrate even the most powerful nation in the world.. again.


David Velazquez, WTC Security Chief

Velazquez understands this. Unfortunately, his leadership skills from inspiring his men to developing an efficient system has proven to be ineffective. So much so, if he had the free hand, the support then resignation is indeed the most honorable thing to do.

What WTC could do now? Reassess its security equipments like computers, CCTVs and what have you – more than an upgrade, you need to secure data from hackers. Yes, review the “whole” security system including manning, deployment, scheduling, training, delegation, and personnel attitude. And as a reminder, watch your own men, what if one of them is a terrorist?

What’s your take?