Is Bloomberg just scared, or something?

Late last month, Bloomberg editor Ben Richardson resigned because of a spat with his bosses regarding the handling of a report on the hidden financial ties of families of Chinese officials and a wealthy businessman. So, what happened?


As Richardson stated in his email to “I left Bloomberg because of the way the story was mishandled, and of how the company made misleading statements in the global press and senior executives disparaged the team that worked so hard to execute an incredibly demanding story. The reporters who worked on the story for months didn’t get to review the copy before it was unilaterally spiked on a conference call with a ludicrous amount of top brass.”

On the other hand, CNN had it that Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief Matthew Winkler said the piece was “active” and it had not been killed.

Hmm… if that’s the case, how come the story remains on the shelf? Yes.. this would be the most obvious question that many could ask, and understandably of course, by those who worked hard on it especially.image

Could it be because the bosses were “paid” to keep quiet? Otherwise, good as getting a scoop, this is pretty dangerous. Publishing the story could endanger lives.

The bottom line is simple yet it’s one key feather in a Leader’s rep…

Okay, it is the duty of media to expose corrupt and irresponsible acts.. but as Leaders, we should also assure the protection of our sources. Now, if you cannot, you are among the irresponsible and unworthy here. After all, these are powerful people you’re dealing with, and you cannot play with supposedly innocent lives just for a quick buck.

What’s your take?