Amazon, the Next Generation Smartphone?

While Amazon believes that their main advantage when they formally get into the ultra-competitive smartphone industry is the said 3D feature of their mobile version, do you think that that’s really the key? Well, after all, applications are just too easy to duplicate.


Anyway, first, what’s all about this 3D smartphone that Amazon is talking of?

In Wall Street Journal’s dialogue with the giant online retailer, it was disclosed that “the phone will employ retina-tracking technology embedded in four front-facing cameras, or sensors, to make some images appear to be 3D, similar to a hologram.”

Retina tracking. Guess we already heard that from Samsung, like controlling the unit through your eyeballs instead of swiping, for one. Then again, this one from Amazon is different; it’s not about the less-swiping that they are trying to sell but the 3D images produced from its camera shots.


If that’s the case, then Amazon certainly got a shot at being the Next Generation’s smartphone. However, to convince more consumers they got to remove the some from their statement above – and “make images appear to be 3D” in all of their shots. Otherwise, we might think of the resulting images as bulgy as cartoon 3D, or worse, thermal-like images.

See. In leadership, in business or what, press releases play an important part – so, get your message straight without overdoing or understating it.


Nevertheless, speaking of advantages, the obvious should be their logistics, their delivery system. Now, if they could translate this advantage to a much lower smartphone price, and conquer China and other emerging markets then Amazon could take a lot of ground towards being the smart choice.

For now, let’s wait for June.

What’s your take?