What’s the Fuss about Weibo users?

Yes, what’s the fuss about Weibo users? I mean, why are outsiders trying to critique the micro-blogging site? So what if the site has only 10 million active users, or 130 million? Does it matter?

Why, is it because of their IPO? Are these “investigators” their competition? Or are they simply media that’s just trying to get a story? Business?! Of course.

Then again, so what if they’re active or not? In this case, they’re actually zeroing in on “original” posts as a study says many of Weibo’s users only reposts postings by others.

Okay, the ability to create original posts actually comes from several factors – I’m talking about blog-like compositions that is. However, if it’s just about those simple daily activities, most anybody could share. And this is probably the kind of posting that business observers are referring to. They want to see user activity to justify possible investment.

But wait. Isn’t reposting also an activity? That users are indeed users? Hey, if companies only want to make sure that their ads are seen, just make sure “reposting in Weibo” would drag the ads along. Unless it’s like a game you purchase online where you could opt for no ads as zealous gamers would just get agitated. So?? All it really needs to do is improve awareness, and with their government basically on their side.. what do you expect?

Anyway, social media has understandably become an important part of business that organizations have really been trying to make their presence felt in that area. Imagine the reach. The potential customers. The partnerships. Yes. Cooperation is crucial, you should know that.

And for Weibo, see? More business. And an IPO that’s reportedly 19 percent higher at that.

What’s your take?