Pfizer, AstraZeneca ready to ZAP

Pfizer is at it again. After failing last January, Pfizer is again pursuing a takeover of AstraZeneca for $100B. Do you think this would be good for the pharmaceutical industry?

Well, more than the enlargening of the eventual organization that would obviously affect its reach, its market – the resources and the expertise that comes along are this merger’s most crucial factors. You may say most every M&A are like that. But wait, do they all end up successful in every way? Isn’t anyone of them struggling somehow? Let’s continue..


For many in the know, the strengthening of the next wave of cancer treatments that would result in the acquisition is one of the most salivating prospects. Imagine Pfizer’s targeted cancer therapies combined with AstraZeneca’s immunotherapies? For customers, it’s like all in one “trusted” house. For business, more business. But for the proactive, it blends well, it ZAPs – ZenecaAstraPfizer.

Ideal acquisitions should not simply be about gobbling competition, but still, more than money – should be Vision.. and Social Responsibility. Leaders, take note.

What’s your take?