Target Breach and Gregg Steinhafel

What would you do if your company is losing money, miscalculating strategies, and messing up opportunities?

Well, unfortunately, Target Corporation has sunk deeper than that. They even failed to protect at least 40 million payment card numbers and 70 million other pieces of customer data from being stolen as disclosed in the cyber attack last December.. because of this latest blunder, Gregg Steinhafel resigned from his post as Target’s Chief Executive.


Target's Gregg Steinhafel

Do you think such development could help restore consumer confidence? Perhaps. But that’s only for a short-term fix. Look, consumers are not so high on seeing someone they do not really know – Quit. As they would just say, “So what if he resigns, would something nice happen to me?”

That’s how consumers are. Human and practical.

Thus, if Target or any company wishes to improve consumer confidence on their brand – then focus on human emotion and actual needs – for one and for once. See, a leader who resigns or takes responsibility for an organization’s misfortune would more often than not affect employee morale rather than consumer confidence in the long-term. So, don’t be too structured in your strategies, but be empathetic.

What’s your take?