Donald Sterling: A Disturbed Leader

Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, has recently been banned for life by the NBA and fined $2.5M for his alleged racist comments.

Let’s review some key lines on what he actually said: “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people… But why publicize it on the Instagram and why bring it to my games?”


Sterling with girlfriend V. Stiviano

You must have also heard of another recording that sort of fended his earlier “scandalous” statement – to no avail. And more so, his recent exclusive interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper where he was seen apologizing and seeking sympathy.

Hmm… the NBA and most of the people who heard about this, as expected would react negatively on an instant of course. The damage has been done.

But then, you know what? Whether Sterling has a history of racism or not, if he was indeed genuine with his apology and explanation on this, perhaps he could get followers. Well, for one, he claimed that he was just jealous and so the remarks.

Oh, but that’s another hole for you Mr. Sterling.


Donald Sterling (L) and Magic Johnson (R)

If you are really attached to your girlfriend, why would you allow your girlfriend to sleep with black men, as long as she doesn’t bring them to Clippers games or appear with them on Instagram? By the way, the author pertains not just to black men as I just used Sterling’s statement, but why would you even let your lover sleep with another? What, open-relationship? Then why malign black people? And why drag Magic Johnson?

This is a sign of a disturbed person, a disturbed leader. Another good case to learn on how a Leader should behave.

What’s your take?