Apple Beats, Could they make Good Music?

The most likely acquisition of Apple on Beats has caused some noise in Silicon Valley. Why? Not a good match as many observers say while some argue that it’s a deviation from Steve Jobs kind of thinking. Spending instead of saving. Acquisition instead of innovation.

Obviously for Tim Cook, Beats is about headphones and streaming music while Apple got its iTunes to make something out of the marriage.

First, Apple is where it is because of Jobs. But since his demise, how has Apple been? Nobody seems to have the ability to continue what Jobs started, and so it could be time for a different path – but with the same vision?! Really?

Second, how much money does Apple have anyway? If they make a bad investment in Beats, how much would it affect Apple? Would it drag them down to something like “bankruptcy”?? Or would it be just something like a bad move with lots of lessons learned?

Third, how many bad investments has Cook made for Apple so far? Don’t you think he’s not moving much that’s why Apple has been crawling? Well, for one, its innovations are. He’s no Steve Jobs, you know that.

No. Not saying that you go on trial and error. Business moves should be well-thought of. And risks should be calculated. Thus, if you could see something good beyond the surface then by all means dig.

Yet, the acquisition has been delayed for a week – now, could it be a sign of bad timing? Think while there’s still time.

What’s your take?